Michelle Bennett

Collection of Sensual Erotic Stories — Volume 1

Long Time Waiting


A young man has just turned twenty-one, and he’s hoping to finally have sex. So far, his pursuits have proven fruitless, but then one day he sees Ivona, who is known around town as one of the sexiest women in the area. She takes off her top in front of him and he even accidentally catches a glimpse of her pussy. Or was it an accident? As they take the lift together, he hopes to see her again, but when he does, she starts to take control of the situation in surprising ways. He goes along with it, but he doesn’t yet know what he’s in for. This book, in which the characters loose themselves in their desire, is guaranteed to get you aroused and keep you intrigued to the last page.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Summer! I had just turned twenty-one years old and I had firmly resolved that it was time to have sex. The two months of fooling around had not yielded any results. And again, I sank deeper into the pits of self-pity, sorrow, and depression.

“Today I will not go anywhere, except to the top of the building to hang out on the terrace with friends. I just want to chill out,” I resolved out loud.

Upon arrival, I noticed about two dozen individuals in small groups of four or five people each. On the left corner of the terrace, I saw a company of women. There were four of them, fooling around in their swimsuits. But my attention was immediately drawn to Ivona.

Ivona was the number one girl in the city. She was often seen out with a well-known sportsman, a top notch professional player in handball, and a favorite character among his fellow citizens. She was stunning, about one hundred and seventy centimeters in height with barely a gram of fat. Her breasts were a bit larger than C cup, and her ass could only be described as a perfect pear — beautiful, feminine, and rounded as it should be. She had the face of evil in the new American porn industry. Ivona was a sex icon to us.

We all began to mingle. But soon it became too hot to stay. A big majority of the people went away to find some shade from the scorching sun, while others went home. A few stayed; I decided to stay. I simply sat there facing her and stared.

From the time I had seen her, I had become so aroused. I was embarrassed to leave, scared that my hard dick would show. I watched her as she lay on her back. After a while, only the two of us were still up on the terrace. I continued to watch as she took off her top to soak up the sun.

She assumed a different pose and was now lying on her breast, wearing only a small thong. Every second I watched her drove me more and more crazy.

I couldn’t take my focus off her ass and I wanted to smack her good. She commented on how terribly hot it was, then moistened her lips with a wet napkin and changed her pose again. I howled, “Yes!” and continued to fix my focus upon her. I could feel my cock pulsating and it hurt with rigidity. The whole time I was watching her, I kept a small towel over my pants so that she couldn’t notice my erection. Soon, she got up and I instinctively reached out to help her.

She turned away as she thanked me. I could see her ass right in front of my eyes. It was no farther than twenty centimeters away. I watched as my gaze fixed as she accidently dropped her towel. Hurriedly she bent down to pick it up. Then suddenly her costume shifted completely to the side, giving me a brief, but definite look of her pussy.

It was exactly what every lad my age wanted to see, a close-up of her pussy. For me it was almost as if time had stopped for a moment.

I was breathless. I could hardly believe my luck. Her pussy was sparsely covered with thin, brown hair. Her clitoris seemed to be slightly brighter than normal, as if somehow more pinkish. From arousal, I could sense it, the distinctive smell — almost like a sun cream or oil. It seemed wet and moist. The whole spectacle had barely lasted twenty seconds.